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Name Hindi: ब्यास सरकार / Gender Woman

About Beas Sarkar – The Cricketing Legend

Beas Sarkar isn’t just a name, but a synonym for the indomitable spirit of cricket. Bengali by ethnicity and an Indian by nationality, he is known not only for his incredible sporting talent but also for exuding a humble nature off the field.

Early Life

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Born into a middle-class family in Kolkata, India, with zero connections to the glamorous world of cricket, Beas Sarkar had always shown keen interest in this sport from his early years. His cricketing journey began at the tender age of ten, playing street-level cricket which further bolstered his passion for the game.


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  • In 1990s : Despite facing many challenges at first, persistence won him over earned him a spot in the West Bengal state team during the late ’90s.

  • In 2001: He made his debut in First-Class cricket representing Bengal in Ranji Trophy domestically and showcased stellar performances that quickly drew attention towards him.

  • In 2010: Successfully snatched a spot on the Indian National Cricket team due to his outstanding domestic performance. His tenure within Indian Squad was marked by consistency and reliability as an all-rounder cricketer,

  • In 2015: As captain led Bengal to their maiden Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy (Indian T20 Championship).

  • Present day: Retired from international cricket yet continues his association with cricket coaching new talents.


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No doubt that Beas Sarkar’s career is adorned with numerous accolades and noteworthy performances. Once he was acknowledged as ‘Batsman of the Tournament’ in a domestic cricket championship, further solidifying his position as one of the best sportsmen of his era. Another unforgettable milestone in Beas’ career came when he was awarded ‘Man of the Match’ in a crucial international match against Australia.


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Sarkar wasn’t just an excellent cricketer on the field but also a mentor off the field who influenced the lives of many upcoming athletes. He has always been known for his unbreakable spirit, determination and dedication to cricket – traits that continue inspiring aspiring cricketers across India. His story illuminates how passion combined with hard work can lead an individual from playing in small lanes to representing their country at International platforms.Personal Life Besides being a successful cricketer, Sarkar is also a loving father and husband. Despite his fame,Governance 2076-04-23 (engagement), he always managed to keep away from controversies and led a respectful personal life.Promise Morning News means governance His family has always been supportive throughout his journey which played a significant role in shaping his successful carrier.

To sum up, it wouldn’t be wrong to say Beas Sarkar is more than just a cricketer; he’s an emotion emanating through every young boy who dreams of making it big in the world of cricket.


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