Rumeli Dhar


Name Hindi: रूमेली धार / Gender Woman

Rumeli Dhar

Born on November 9, 1983 in Calcutta, Rumeli Dhar is a prominent Indian woman cricketer. A consistent all-rounder with strong skills in both batting and bowling, Dhar played as an indispensable member of the women’s national team for nearly a decade.

Early Career

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Dhar made her debut in the Women’s Cricket World Cup in South Africa in March 2005 against England. Despite India facing defeat in her intro game, it didn’t stop Dhar from shining individually by scoring 66 runs off just 95 balls and taking one key wicket.

Career Highlights and Achievements

  • In 2006, during the Asia Cup held in Jaipur, she scored two half-centuries and led the team to victory
  • Awarded ‘player of the match’ multiple times due to her solid performances through years
  • She was part of the Indian squad that finished runner-up in the Women’s Cricket World Cup held in Australia in 2009 – marking one of India’s best outcomes in ICC tournaments
  • She came back into international cricket after getting called up for the T20I series against South Africa held in February 2018 following four years’ hiatus due to injuries

Playing Style

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Rumeli Dhar is known for being a hard-hitting batswoman showcasing aggressive gameplay style while remaining dependable with accurate line-lengths when bowling medium pace. She usually takes on middle-order batting roles while covers first-change or second-change bowler positions superbly making valuable contributions regularly.

Impact on Women’s Cricket

Dhar’s significant contributions to the Indian women’s cricket team have made her a celebrated figure in the sport. Her consistent performances and determined character served as an inspiration for many young girls in India who aspired to pursue cricket professionally. Furthermore, through her career highs and lows battling tribulations like injuries, she demonstrated perseverance and resilience that added more admiration among fans.

Post-Retirement Activites

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Rumeli Dhar retired from international cricket in 2018 leaving behind an honorable legacy. Today, she focuses on coaching assignments for future talents while actively engages in promoting women’s cricket domestically alongside utilizing her critical experiences to contribute meaningfully towards improving prevalent cricket infrastructures in India.

In conclusion, Rumeli Dhar is not just an exceptional cricketer but also a relentless pursuer of dreams in spite of obstacles. She had exhibited what dedication combined with talent can achieve leaving footprints of achievements that stand timeless in the history of women’s cricket worldwide.


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