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The SWEEP in Cricket

In the game of cricket, various types of shots are employed by batsmen to score runs, and defend their wickets. One such shot that is often used especially against spin bowling is called the SWEEP.

Description of a Sweep Shot

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A sweep is a cross-batted front foot shot played to a low bouncing and turning ball, usually from a slow bowler, by kneeling on one knee, bringing the bat around horizontally in a sweeping motion towards square leg with the intention of hitting the ball along the ground, behind square.

Risk Factor

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The Sweep shot poses considerable risk for batsman as it exposes the stumps quite considerably; therefore, a high level of judgement and precision are required to execute this shot effectively. However, with risk comes reward. If executed properly, the Sweep can yield several boundaries because fielding arrangements are often not prepared for this unexpected shot.

Variations of the Sweep

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  • Slog Sweep: A very powerful version of sweep hit over square leg boundary area. More like playing baseball!
  • Paddle Sweep: The direction is finer than normal sweep; almost behind wicket keeper. It requires deft handling and generates less power but more finesse involved.
  • Reverse Sweep: A reverse action to normal sweep where directions get changed i.e hits through point region rather than usual fine leg or square leg. It requires great skill set and bravery.
  • Lap Sweep (or Dilscoop): Named after Sri Lankan cricketer Tillakaratne Dilshan who popularised it during ICC World T20 2009. In this type of sweep, the batter gets under a full ball and scoops it over his shoulder to an area which is vacant/open.

Top Sweeper Players in Cricket History

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Graham Gooch, Mike Gatting, Kevin Pietersen from England; Ricky Ponting from Australia and Tillakaratne Dilshan from Sri Lanka are known for their amazing sweeping skills. Kumar Sangakkara in recent times was master of Sweep shot too.

In summary, the Sweep entails risk but is also one of those shots that can earn big rewards if executed properly – both strategically to manipulate field placements and numerically on scoreboard. The sweet sound when bat meets ball at a perfect horizontal-batted sweep drive across the cricket ground is nothing short of music for true cricket lovers!



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