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Term Hindi: गुगली

Understanding the Cricket Term ‘Googly’

The ‘googly’, also known as a wrong’un, Bosie or Bosey, is one of the mainstay techniques in cricket. Intrinsically linked to spin bowling, this term refers to a type of delivery by the bowler intended to confuse and outfumble the batter.


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In the annals of cricket’s rich history, the googly was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by English cricketer Bernard Bosanquet during his experiments with new forms of bowling. The name ‘Bosie’ is a testament to its inventor, becoming popular particularly within Australian vernacular.


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A classic example of cunning and trickery on the pitch, throwing a googly involves making the ball turn in an unexpected direction contrary to its apparent spin orientation. Contrary to a typical leg break where the ball deviates from leg side towards off side for a right-handed batsman after pitching, a successfully delivered googly moves from offside towards the leg side after hitting the pitch.

  • RH Bowler vs RH Batsman: For a right-arm bowler against a right-handed batsman: A standard leg-break spins from right (the batsman’s perspective) to left; hence, this would be reversed in case of googlies moving it from left-to-right.
  • LH Bowler vs LH Batsman: Equivalently and inversely proportional for left-handers: A normal scenario sees orthodox spin move right-to-left; yet again, utilizing ‘wrong’uns’ results in ball spinning from left-to-right.

The Skill Required To Bowl A Googly

Learning to bowl a googly undoubtedly requires practice and skill. More than just intuition, it involves an understanding of the right grip combined with syncing wrist motion according to pitch conditions.

  • The Grip: Unlike a traditional leg spin delivery where the ball is imparted spin off the third finger, in delivering a googly, the back of hand faces the batsman with ball being flicked out from under the closed fist using thumb or fingers.
  • The Wrist Motion: The distinctive characteristic revolves around its unique wrist movement which tends to be more tricky and complex as compared to usual bowling techniques.
  • The Release: A very meticulous aspect – ensuring that there’s no difference whatsoever between releasing a regular delivery and a ‘wrong’un’, thereby maintaining deception rightfully so.

Impact on Game Play

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Bowling a ‘Googly’ potentially disrupts the judgment of the opposing batsman creating opportunities for dismissal. It provides an element of surprise, luring players into playing shots on trajectory based upon real time false impressions only for them to realise they are facing a deceptive ball spinning in totally opposite direction.

In conclusion, given its potential impactiness, high skill requisite combined with artful craft required makes ‘bowling a Googly’ one of prime facets having tremendous influence over this beloved sport throughout its history.



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