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Term Hindi: पूर्ण टॉस

Full Toss: An Essential Term in Cricket

A full toss is a commonly used term that many may come across while playing or watching cricket. Its relevance and technical implications make it an important aspect to understand for anyone interested in the game.

This term holds crucial importance as it often helps determine the course of a match, giving strategical advantage to one side over another. Below is an in-depth look at what ‘full toss’ stands for and how it affects a cricket match.

Understanding Full Toss

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In layman’s terms, a full toss in cricket means when the bowler delivers the ball straight into the batsman without bouncing on the pitch first. It completely skips the bounce phase which ordinarily forms part of the typical bowling action. Though few would categorise this as a poor delivery, effectively deployed full tosses might turn out to be quite advantageous for the bowler.

  • Type 1 – High full-toss: This type refers to those deliveries that meet the batter at his waist height or above. If these does not swing in flight, they can become quite easy for batters to play.
  • Type 2 – Low full-toss(blockhole length): This is often considered by professionals as harder to play because meeting such deliveries requires more skill due to their lower altitude close to stump’s bottom.

Differentiating between these two types enables players to adapt different strategies and to tackle respective situations adequately.

The Impact of Full Toss Deliveries

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A poorly executed full toss delivery provides batters with a scoring opportunity. Being airborne with no interference from the ground surfaces or middle obstacles makes these balls easier targets for hitting. They present less unpredictability around speed, spin and direction. Therefore, any batsman could theoretically capitalize upon a full toss delivery by hitting it for boundaries.

Strategical Importance Of Full Toss

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The implication of a full toss extends beyond the simplicity of its definition. A well-executed full toss is an effective tricky delivery to baffle even skilled batters. Lower full tosses or “Yorker” deliveries minimize scoring opportunities as they are hard to loft over the fielders. Swing or seam variations can be applied on these deliveries to keep the batsmen guessing.

In summary, despite being perceived by many as ‘misdeliveries’, skillfully executed full tosses have their strategic place in cricketing context and continue to play essential roles in matches worldwide.



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