Chandrasekhar Gadkari


Name Hindi: चन्द्रशेखर गड़करी / Gender Man

Chandrasekhar Gadkari: An Eminent Figure in Cricket

Chandrasekhar Gadkari, an Indian cricketer, is known primarily for his contributions to the sport as a right-handed batsman and Legbreak googly bowler. Born on September 22, 1928, Gadkari carved out a distinct place for himself on the cricket field with his unique style of play and dedication.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

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Gadkari was born in Nashik, Maharashtra. As a young boy he showed immense interest and talent in playing cricket. He eventually went on to lead his school team. His skills did not go unnoticed by important figures in sports circles who better identified and nurtured Gadkari’s potential at an early stage.

Main Cricket Career

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“Cricket is battle and service and sport and art” – Douglas Jardine

  • 1946-1952: Chandrasekhar Gadkari began his first-class cricket career from Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1946 vigilantly training himself most of the time. He gradually made progress through domestic competitions to ultimately secure a spot in India’s national squad.
  • 1952-1955: Gadkari played Test cricket for India from 1952 to 1955 appearing five times against Pakistan during that period when they toured India in late 1954 & early 1955 scoring a total of 89 runs averaging rightly about ten indicating their main forte lie elsewhere than batting.
  • Bowling Achievements: Throughout his cricketing years, he took eight wickets having being very economical considering the average of each they got was touching 40. His famous best bowling figure in an innings is just short of a perfect 10 being 7/37 playing for Maharashtra where he spent most his time representing them.

Retirement and Later Life

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Gadkari retired from first-class cricket after the 1956-57 season. However, retirement did not mean an end to his relationship with cricket. He continued to stay associated with the sport as a respected commentator and columnist. He also contributed significantly towards nurturing young talent through coaching initiatives.

Ambassador For The Game

Despite his low individual numbers, Chandrasekhar Gadkari left a lasting impact on Indian Cricket due, primarily due to immense passion he had for the game and influence that imprinted upon those who came after him aspiring & motivating potential talents around his home turf passing it into consecutive generations therein echoing out loud ‘Cricket isn’t life or death. It’s much more important’.

Chandrasekhar Gadkari paseed away quite early relatively aged merely 45 back in December 29, 1974 leaving behind a legacy which mirrored his love for this graceful sportsmanship enriching its ecosystem with values he stood firmly throughout.

“Cricket – A batsman’s game, where character meets strategy.”


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