Debashish Mohanty


Name Hindi: देबाशीष मोहंती / Gender Man

Debashish Mohanty: Profile and Cricket Career

Born on the 20th of July, 1976 in Bhadrak, Odisha, India, Debashish Mohanty is a former professional cricket player who was part of the Indian national cricket team. Known for his productive right-arm medium-fast bowling style, Debashish performed commendably well at both domestic and international levels.

Early Life and Education

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Mohanty’s passion for cricket started from an early age which led him to pursue it professionally. He attended school in Bhubaneswar where he cultivated his talent as a cricketer under the guidance of experienced coaches.

Career Highlights

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  • Domestic Career: Mohanty made his first-class debut during the Ranji Trophy tournament for Orissa now Odisha during the season of 1994-95. Throughout his journey at this level till 2011-12, he played over 100 games taking more than 400 wickets with an impressive average.
  • International Test Career: His test debut happened against Sri Lanka at Colombo in August 1997. Although the Indian team lost that match, Mohanty proved himself by being the lone fighter securing six wickets overall.
  • ODI Career: Before playing a test match, he made his ODI debut against Pakistan in September 1996 during Sahara Cup Tournament in Toronto completing five wicket haul in only his second match.
  • Career after Retirement: After retiring from active play, Mohanty engaged with coaching roles. In June 2020, he became a national selector for the Indian cricket team, serving in this crucial position and contributing to the sport’s growth through his expertise.

Distinct Style and Influence

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Mohanty had a distinct bowling style. His medium pace deliveries were often deceptive which enticed batsmen into making mistakes leading him to get more wickets. Moreover, his signature delivery was outswingers that swerved away late after pitching which troubled many established batsmen. From aspiring cricketers in India to his professional teammates, Debashish’s impact on the game is quite influential.

Personal Life

Away from the spotlight, Mohanty maintains a private life. He is married to Rashmita Mohanty and together they have one child. In their hometown of Bhadrak, Odisha, he is revered as an iconic figure who has put forth an extraordinary example of local talent shining at an international level. While distancing himself from media interactions post-retirement, he continues to contribute towards shaping future cricket talents throughout India though his insightful coaching efforts.

To sum it up, Debashish Mohanty‘s contribution to cricket – both as a player and a coach – gave him significant recognition and respect not only in India but across the world cricketing spectrum.


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