Lall Singh


Name Hindi: लाल सिंह / Gender Man

Lall Singh: A Renowned Cricket Sportsman

Born on March 20, 1909, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Lall Singh was an Indian cricketer most notable for his part in India’s Test cricket history. His vibrant and aggressive style of fielding earned him the nickname ‘The electric spark’ in cricket circles.

Early Years & Domestic Career

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Growing up in Malaysia, Lall Singh began playing cricket at a young age. Following his evident passion for sports into adulthood, Singh made his mark as a right-handed batsman and an outstanding fielder in regional cricket games before moving to India to play professionally.

In domestic cricket circuit, he played significantly for Southern Punjab (now present-day Pakistan). A highlight of this period includes one remarkable match against Central Provinces and Berar where he scored a blistering century working contributing crucially towards team’s victory.

Milestone In International Cricket

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Singh made his debutant entry into international cricket when he represented India in their inaugural test series, against England at Lord’s ground in June 1932. Despite India losing the single match they played against England by 158 runs, it was Lall Singh’s spectacular fielding display that stole the show. He secured seven catches and with this caught attention globally as being among the best fielders of the era.

  • In his Test debut innings against England, Lall Singh managed to score 15 runs off just 19 balls proving himself not just formidable fielder but also valuable player with bat during lower order batting.
  • Singh continued to explore opportunities that went beyond national borders. Post his historic stint with Team India; He also had chance to represent Malay Peninsula’s side twice – once versus a touring Australian squad in 1934 and following year against Straits Settlements.

Retirement And Later Life

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Lall Singh’s international career was fleeting, he only represented India once but left an impactful legacy. With the partition of India in 1947, Singh migrated to Malaysia. He kept active within cricket circles by acting as an umpire in domestic circuit.

On September 8, 1969, at age 60, Lall succumbed to his demise leaving behind his instrumental role that pushed fielding standards in early years of Indian cricket history.

To this day, many sports enthusiasts remember Lall Singh’s invincible spirit on the field — attributing it largely to those initials strides that helped shape India into becoming one of the world powerhouse in cricket today. His memory continues to inspire aspiring cricketers across generations.


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