Mona Meshram


Name Hindi: मोना मेश्राम / Gender Woman

Mona Meshram: A Profile on Indian Cricket

Mona Meshram is an exceptional figure in the world of women’s cricket. She played a key role in taking the Indian women’s cricket team to greater heights and has achieved significant milestones as an individual sportswoman. In this profile, we are going to take a detailed look at the career, achievements and personal life of Mona Meshram.

Early Life and Introduction to Cricket

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Born on September 30, 1991, Mona Meshram hails from Bhaga Nagari village in Maharashtra, India. Despite growing up in a small village where there was limited exposure to sports infrastructure and facilities, her passion for cricket emerged brightly.

Career Start and Efflorescence

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  • In 2005, at just age 13, she started playing Under-15 state-level cricket and quickly turned heads with her potentially astounding batting skills.
  • In 2010-11 Ranji season for Vidarbha, she showed exemplifying performances by scoring double centuries.
  • Her notable performances brought national attention upon her and soon after she made her international debut against Australia Women’s team on March 18th, 2012.
  • She was named Woman Of The Match in her T20I debut match against Bangladesh Women’s team that ended in India winning by eight wickets. Her three amazing catches won hearts unanimously.

Achievements And Records

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Mona has had numerous success stories over years.Choosing cricket as a profession was considered unique during the time when she commenced but despite all difficulties and challenges, her spirit remained indomitable.

  • Meshram has represented the central zone in inter-zonal women’s cricket from 2008 to 2017.
  • In June 2017, she was a part of Women’s Asia Cup T20I held in Malaysia where they became champions after beating Pakistan by seven wickets.
  • In July 2017, she was a part of Indian squad for ICC Women’s World cup and presented amazing performances.
  • In March 2019,she scored her maiden ODI half century against England at Mumbai and then notched a second fifty as well vs Sri Lanka at Galle later on. These matches were marked with great excitement as she showcased fine forms that included excellent lead supports which won an immense hail of praise.

Personal Life & Contributions Beyond The Field

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Mona is also known for her commitment off the field. She earned her Bachelors degree in Arts while continuing to play Cricket professionally. Besides, she always finds time to encourage young children in Vidarbha to take up sports, especially Cricket. This initiative serves multiple purposes – envisioning an active future generation and promoting healthy living through sports engagement.
Today, Mona Meshram stands tall not just as an accomplished sportswoman but also a champion encouraging young girls to follow their dreams with dedication and determination.

Mona Meshram: A True Inspiring Icon

In conclusion, Mona Meshrarm’s story is one of persistence and unwavering resilience towards gender stereotypes and obstacles barring path to success. Her journey so far articulates a strong message about following your passion despite hurdles.To many upcoming cricketers, both male and female, across India and elsewhere – she without doubt serves as an iconic figure,the spirit truly symbolising:”
Fight until you’ve reached there”.


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