Nawab of Pataudi Sr


Name Hindi: पटौदी के नवाब सीनियर / Gender Man

Nawab of Pataudi Sr.

Indian cricket has seen numerous stars adorning the mantle of the game, and Nawab Iftikhar Ali Khan was one among them. The man more popularly known as Nawab of Pataudi Sr, was born on March 16, 1910, in Pataudi State during the British colonial era. He was a pre-eminent cricketer who had the rare distinction of playing Test cricket for both England and India.

Cricket Career with England

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Blessed with exceptional talents from a young age, Nawab soon emerged out to be a successful cricketer during his studies at Balliol College, Oxford. It was here that he laid the first stone towards his illustrious career by making it into the university’s cricket team. His brilliant performances soon noticed him representing Hampshire County Cricket Club between seasons 1927-30 and compelling debuts at international level were just around the corner.

  • In June 1931, Nawab became part of history when he made debut for England against New Zealand, scoring a remarkable century in his maiden inning thus becoming only sixth player to achieve this feat at that time.
  • He played another two matches against South Africa in 1932 but couldn’t repeat his phenomenal debut performance and ended up scoring modest total runs in those games.
  • In total, Nawab represented England three times before shifting his loyalties back to India after its independence.

Cricket Career with India

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Nawab returned to India after completing his studies overseas and began playing domestic cricket competitions such as Bombay Pentangular and Ranji Trophy. In 1944, he became the captain of the India team and led them in their first Test series against England.

  • Under his leadership, team gave a fierce competition to English side but ultimately lost the series by 0-1 margin.
  • Nawab’s contributions with bat were remarkable; he scored two half-centuries during this series which further cemented his reputation as a successful batsman.

Legacy and Personal Life

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Apart from cricket skills, Nawab was also known for his royal demeanor. The Pataudi Palace, where he lived most of his life is today one of the major attractions in Haryana which stretches across sprawling acres and stands as testimony to its royal past.”

Born into royalty, Nawab successfully carved out his own legacy away from all pampered upbringing. He was eighth Nawab of Pataudi until the Indian government abolished princely titles through constitutional amendment in 1971.

The personality of Nawab wasn’t just limited to fields and palaces, but exuded excellence even in personal life. He got married to Sajida Sultan, Begum of Bhopal on November 1939. The couple had three children including the iconic Bollywood actor Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, more popularly referred as “Tiger Pataudi,” who later went on to captain Indian cricket team making father-son duo unique in cricketing history.

In a nutshell, name ‘Nawab of Pataudi Sr.’ remains etched not only into annals of Indian cricket but also within the architectural marvels that stand tall enveloping an entire era narrating tales of valour and audacity that enthralls every history enthusiast.


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