Pankaj Singh


Name Hindi: पंकज सिंह / Gender Man

Pankaj Singh: A Chronicle of an Illustrious Cricket Career

When it comes to the world of cricket, India has produced some remarkable players over the years who have left indelible marks in the history of this sport. Pankaj Singh, a skilled fast-medium bowler from Uttar Pradesh, was one such athlete who had won numerous accolades at both domestic and international levels with his exceptional performances.

Early Life and Introductory Stages

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Born on May 6th, 1985 in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Pankaj epitomized zeal for cricket since early childhood. His passion led him across state borders, for he moved to Rajasthan to pursue his dream. It did not take long for young Pankaj’s talent to stand out – his powerful bowling quickly caught attention at local matches, subsequently earning him selection in the under-19 team for the World Cup.

The Domination at Domestic Circuit

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The defining moment in Pankaj’s career came when he made an impressive debut in the 2004-05 Ranji Trophy season representing his adopted state Rajasthan. Over successive seasons, he demonstrated commendable performances that earned him respect as well as adulation among cricketing circles and fans alike.

  • In the 2006-07 Ranji Plate League, Pankaj took an astounding 21 wickets which played instrumental role in powering Rajasthan into the semi-finals.
  • During completion of his hundred wicket haul in first-class matches by the end of 2008-09 cricket season, Pankaj was roaring high with success. He even received a test call-up against Australia during their tour to India same year though unfortunately he didn’t play.
  • Proving himself to be the backbone of his team, he aggressively led Rajasthan’s triumph in the 2010-11 Ranji season. His superlative performance was a treat for spectators as Rajasthan emerged victorious after defeating formidable opponents like Bombay and Baroda on their way to clinching the coveted trophy.

The International Debut

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Pankaj Singh’s international career may not have been sprawling with repeated appearances but his contributions for India are worth noting. He made his Test debut against England at Southampton in July 2014 while due to impressive performances back home he had received ODI cap early in Asia Cup 2010.

  • Despite having a rough start during test debut where the pacer’s wickets column was left empty after conceding some runs, Pankaj did not lose hope. Instead, he persisted, evolving into a player who could compete at any level effectively through hard work and determination.
  • In his second test match against England again at Old Trafford later that same year, success finally came calling as he secured two crucial scalps earning well-deserved appreciation from experts around the globe.

Present Endeavors

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Today, Pankaj holds an impactful stature in Indian cricket history. Post retirement from all formats of professional cricket in December 2020, he has engrossed himself in coaching future talents primarily working with budding cricketers at grass-root levels spreading knowledge about this sport passionately loved by millions across globe.

A figure of perseverance and resilience despite the odds stacked against him; the journey of Pankaj Singh, from Sultanpur to becoming a celebrated name in the annals of Indian cricket serves as great motivation for upcoming generations nurturing dreams of making it big in cricket.

Awards and Recognition

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Pankaj’s talent did not go unnoticed. He was given the Lala Amarnath Award for the best all-rounder in the Ranji Trophy during 2006-07 season cementing his credentials as a meritable player.


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