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Name Hindi: रवि शास्त्री / Gender Man

Ravi Shastri: Cricket Legend and Excellent Sports Commentator

Born on May 27, 1962, Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri, popularly known as Ravi Shastri, is a former Indian cricket player turned commentator. He has made significant contributions to the sport of cricket both as a player on the field and later in his career as an able sports professional. His career spans over three decades showcasing multifaceted roles including being a cricketer, team India’s coach, television broadcaster.

Early Life and Education

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Ravi Shastri was born in Mumbai subdivision called Borivali. Although he started off playing school-level tennis, it did not take long before the allure of cricket swept him away. After outshining many at a local tournament in his teen years, he went on to join Don Bosco High School where he honed his skills even more.

Sporting Career

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  • Cricketer: In 1980, At just 18 years old Shastri played his first Test match for India though he didn’t have an outstanding start. However, with time, he emerged as one of the most reliable players in the squad. He was primarily a left-handed batsman but also had great results as a slow left-arm orthodox bowler. His bowling performance peaked in the year 1984 when he took five wickets conceding just 75 runs against Pakistan gaining immense reputation worldwide.
  • Team Coach: Shastri was appointed temporary coach after Duncan Fletcher’s tenure back in 2014 shielding team from backlash due to poor performances abroad. Then again assumed full-time coaching duties after Anil Kumble’s resignation in 2017 and continued till T20 World Cup in UAE during 2021.
  • Sports Commentator: Upon his retirement, Ravi Shastri found an equally rewarding career as a sports commentator. He brought the same passion and intensity to his commentary that he did to his game gaining him admiration from fans once again. His iconic phrase, “like a tracer bullet,” is frequently referenced among cricket aficionados worldwide due to classic delivery style.

Awards and Recognition

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Shastri’s outstanding performance earned him numerous awards including the champion of Champions award at the end of the World Championship of Cricket in Australia (1985) where India emerged victorious. He was also awarded ‘Indian Cricketer of The Year’ in 1988. Despite retired, he continues shaping Indian cricket much towards positivity with empirical knowledge and experience under his belt.

Ravi Shastri remains one of the household names when it comes to cricket in India, having left an indelible impact on the sporting industry both domestically and internationally. His contributions are majorly influential for not just players but aspiring cricketers teaching them how leadership plays crucial role triumphing foreign soils too.

In Conclusion

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His commitment to excellence before and after hanging boots created legacy that deserves its place in annals of cricket history. Regardless it be delivering speech or coaching younger generation -New Delhi born inspiring figure will continue being celebrated for everything he brought into world loving sport called cricket.


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