Rekha Punekar


Name Hindi: रेखा पुणेकर / Gender Woman

About Rekha Punekar

Rekha Punekar is an outstanding Indian cricket player who has scored numerous notable achievements throughout her career. Playing primarily as a bowler, she garnered a reputation for her exceptional skills on the pitch, creating difficulties for opposing batters and consistently contributing to the success of her team.

Career Highlights

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  • National Debut: Punekar made a significant impact when she broke onto the national scene. Her performances in domestic competitions caught the eye of the selectors, leading to her inclusion in the national team.
  • International Career: Following her debut, she quickly became a staple in India’s bowling lineup. She excelled particularly against top-tier opposition, demonstrating her ability to handle extreme pressure situations with aplomb.
  • Achievements: Throughout her illustrious career, Punekar achieved several milestones that cemented her place among India’s elite cricketers. Among these include multiple Player of the Match awards and impressive wicket hauls in crucial matches.

Personal Life

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Punekar was born and raised in India where she developed an interest for cricket from a very young age. Despite the many challenges women face in sports, especially in a sport like cricket which is dominated by males in India, Punekar defied odds and delivered outstanding performances time after time.


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In spite of being low profile outside the cricketing world, within it, Rekha Punekar is considered one of India’s finest bowlers. She is known for her exceptional skillset and persistent efforts, on and off the field. Through her career, she not only engraved her name in cricket records but also played a substantial role in inspiring young cricketers across the country.


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