T. A. Sekhar


Name Hindi: टी. ए. शेखर / Gender Man

Profile: T. A. Sekhar – An Esteemed Cricketer and Coach

Turaga Adinarayana Sekar, popularly known as T.A. Sekhar, is a venerated cricket celebrity who has contributed extensively to Indian cricket as both a player and a coach.

Early Life and Initial Cricket Playing Days

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Born on 18th May 1956 in Andhra Pradesh, India, T.A. Sekhar showcased high potentials for fast bowling from his early days. He carved out an impressive career that pathed the way for future generations of cricketers to follow.

  • In domestic cricket, he represented two states – Tamil Nadu and Goa.
  • Sekhar was noted for his fiery pace and ability to swing the ball,
  • He displayed notable performances at the Ranji Trophy matches during 1981-82 seasons where he picked up 36 wickets.
  • This performance put him firmly into selectors’ view, resulting in his international debut against Pakistan in one-off test match in 1982/83 season. Unfortunately due to injury concerns, his playing career ended early with only couple of national team appearances to his name.

Coaching Career and Impact on Future Players

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However, following his playing career being cut short by injuries, Sekhar then turned towards coaching role with aim of nurturing young talent.

  • His dedication soon saw him becoming a chief fast-bowling coach at the MRF Pace Foundation Chennai.
  • Sekhar’s stint at the Foundation proved highly successful; numerous aspiring bowlers polished their skills under his guidance including illustrious cricketers such as Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma and Sreesanth.
  • His tactical knowledge in the area of fast-bowling turned him into one of the most respected coaches across world cricket. This led to Indian Premier League franchise Mumbai Indians employing him as their bowling talent scout and mentor during 2013 season onwards.

T.A.Sekhar As A Mentor In IPL

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In his position within the coaching team of Mumbai Indians, T.A Sekhar has had a significant influence on formulating effective strategies for nurturing beginners and trainees who exhibit exceptional talents but require further finessing.

  • Sekhar’s contribution went beyond just making players understand the mechanics of fast-bowling; he provided them with essential mental strength required at higher levels of the game by sharing real-life experiences from his own illustrious career.
  • It was this unique combination of technical know-how and psychological guidance that made Sekhar such an effective coach particularly in grooming young talents playing under high pressure situations such as IPL where performance expectations are insanely high.

Today, whilst many former cricketers opt for easier roles like commentary or administrative positions post-retirement, T.A.Sekhar decided to commit himself towards improving future generation of Indian pace bowlers thereby indicating commitment towards overall growth and development of Indian cricket ecosystem. Therefore his name isn’t simply limited within honor rolls of past greats rather continues inspiring upcoming cricketer generations through selfless contributions even after end of personal playing days.


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