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Term Hindi: पट्टिका

The Flipper in Cricket

Cricket is a sport with its own terminology, one element of which is the term “Flipper”. This term refers to a specific type of delivery bowled by a leg spin bowler. A unique and deceptive variation, the flipper is an integral part of cricket’s tactical appeal.

Definition and Purpose of the Flipper

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A flipper is defined as a quicker delivery that instead of bouncing higher off the pitch upon landing, skids lower than standard leg break deliveries. It gets its name from the “flipping” motion the ball undergoes when let out from under the thumb during bowling. The ultimate aim of a flipper is primarily deception, seeking to trap batsmen into making mistakes due to misreading or underestimating the bowl.

Different Types Fippers

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There are three different types of flippers used in cricket:

  • The Classic Flipper: This kind releases faster and reaches the batsman at waist height, typically trapping him LBW or bowled.
  • The Zooter: A slower version also referred to as “the Slider”. Considered less potent than other versions but still gains wickets.
  • The Wrong’un: Also known as googlies, these spin inwards towards a right-handed batsman turning from off side to leg.

Mastery and Challenges of Bowling Flippers

Bowling a successful flipper requires masterful control over finger positions, grip spacing and wrist action – elements that only come with intensive practice. Significantly, it is often easier for leg spinners who naturally have loose wrists capable of imparting the needed twist.

The flipper is notoriously hard to detect, both for batsmen and sometimes even the bowlers themselves leading to some unintentional flippers. Typically, younger or inexperienced players struggle with this delivery due to its complex method of execution and sophisticated hand-finger manipulation required.

Notable Bowlers who have Mastered Flipping

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne and Indian cricketer Anil Kumble are among few bowlers renowned for their mastery over flipping. Their exceptional knack at using flippers in tactical game-play situations helped them trap significant wickets while enjoying illustrious careers.

In summary, a flipper, though challenging to master, can be an extraordinary weapon in a spin bowler’s arsenal, possessing great potential for deception and trickery on the pitch. The deftness required to execute it prefectly captures the balance of skill and strategy intrinsic to the sport of cricket.



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